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“Never Depend on single Income Invest to create second source, Diversify your portfolio”

Source: Google

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor, I’m here to share some important key factors which can help my connections in avoiding mistakes and help them learn about investing their money wisely for future.

1. Demat Account

First Step will be to choose Demat account, Demat Account is the most important factor of your trading career so choose wisely. …

LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd, Sharing the mesmerizing story of students who found Mr. Vimal Daga as their career-boosting profile and best mentor in their entire life.

Daksh Jain

Daksh Jain

SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Chennai

3rd Year — B.Tech. Computer Science with specialization in Cyber Security


👾 Start with learning Versioning tools and SCM tools:
👉 git/Github
👉 CVS and SVN (Optional)

✍️ Learn some necessary core machine learning algorithms:

  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic regression
  • KNN Classification
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forest
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • K-means Clustering
  • Naive Bayes theorem
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)

👀 Tip: Make your Maths base strong

👔 Learn CI/CD tools:
👉 Gitlab/Bitbucket
👉 Jenkins
👉 Github Actions
👉 Prometheus and Grafana(For Advance)
👉 ELK Stack(For Advance)

📌 Learn Cloud and DevOps automation Tools:
👉 Docker
👉 Kubernetes
👉 Amazon AWS/ GCP/ AZURE/ Openstack
👉 Rancher
👉 Kubeflow/Airflow
👉 Terraform/Ansible

Just a helping hand….

Trainings&Internships Opportunities
  • Do follow the above page, You will get plenty of opportunities daily.

Best Platforms to search for Jobs and Internships:

☺ Internships:

technical Internships:

Triplebyte Certificates | Take a coding quiz, earn a certificate, then showcase your skills! Share on LinkedIn, your resume, and elsewhere

LunchclubSoftware Engineering Intern | Help build the AI to scale data-driven matches to thousands of people and groups weekly

DoorDashSoftware Engineer Intern | Contribute to a global infrastructure system that powers DoorDash’s marketplace

MemSQLSoftware Engineering Intern | The No-Limits Database™ powering the applications and analytical…

Problem Statement
1. Create the key and Create Security group which allow the port 80.
2. Launch EC2 instance.
3. In this EC2 instance use the existing key or provided key and security group which we have created in step 1.
4. Launch one Volume using the EFS service and attach it in your VPC, then mount that volume into “/var/www/html” folder.
5. Developer have uploaded the code into GitHub repo also the repo has some images.
6. Copy the GitHub repo code into “/var/www/html”.
7. Create S3 bucket, and copy/deploy the images from GitHub repo into the s3 bucket and change the permission to public readable.

We’re dealing with the top 3 Fantasy League Applications success stories in this blog which have created a huge impact on the market with the help of Amazon Web Services Dynamo DB with just a startup team of maximum of 16 people.😲

Case Study by Rohit Ghumare

Hey, Today I’m here to just share the “Gyaan ka Pitaara” for the most trending topic in current IPL season. Everybody in India watches IPL and shows their talent skills by managing the own cricket teams on Fantasy League Applications but I wanted to just ask one thing that you ever tried to learn: How they manage their…

I know many of you face problems creating Amazon AWS account due to multiple problems like many banks only allows RuPay Debit Card but AWS needs a VISA card. Hence, there are multiple ways to create a Virtual Card. Here we are going to discuss IRCTC iMudra VISA Virtual Card.

It’s better to understand first “How safe it is to use Virtual Card by IRCTC?” Hence, Visit this page to understand much better. Official Blog by IRCTC (Click Here…)

I’m not going to waste now one more minute of yours, Let’s move towards the account creation process.✨

Step 1: Create an IRCTC iMudra Card

This is the upgraded version of my previous task, where used docker and Jenkins for Automation of the complete Job chain between Developer, Quality Assurance Team, and Production Team. In this task. We are going to use Kubernetes resources like Pods, ReplicaSet, Deployment, PVC, and Service in the place of Docker to perform CI/CD.⚡
Kubernetes Testing


Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes provides you with:

  • Service discovery and load balancing
    Kubernetes can expose a container using the DNS name or using its own IP address.
  • Storage orchestration
    Kubernetes allows you to automatically mount a storage system of your choice, such as local storage, public cloud providers, and more.
  • Automated rollouts and rollbacks
    You can describe the desired state for your deployed containers using Kubernetes, and it can change the actual state to the desired state at a controlled rate.
  • Automatic bin packing
    You provide Kubernetes with a…

Rohit Ghumare

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